Cloud Security for a Workforce Requiring Accessibility
“The Cloud” has come to refer to computer resources available on demand via the Internet rather than on your local computer – especially online storage that can provide multiple terabytes of data from remote servers. Cloud storage is important for any business, but is especially beneficial when working from home or when needing easy access from multiple locations.
The benefits to utilizing cloud storage range from version backups and recovery to file sharing with team members, as well as cost savings over hardware maintenance. But using the cloud for storage – as with any solution that involves Internet access – requires security precautions. Here are some tips to ensuring your cloud solution is as safe and secure as possible!
Use a unique password and multifactor authentication.
We all struggle with passwords, but multifactor (or “two-factor”) authentication requires a quick double-check on a second communications channel (for example, a code sent to a separate email or phone number) to confirm the log-in is performed by an authorized user.
Encrypt your most sensitive data.
This is about creating a password for individual files, so that if your cloud password is revealed, the critical data has another level of protection. Encryption software exists that can provide assistance with doing this easily and quickly. Some cloud services provide local encryption as part of their package of services.
Monitor and review user activities.
When using cloud storage for enterprise file sharing, employ a solution to analyze when unknown devices or IP addresses are engaging with the account. Automated systems exist to provide a level of protection for this. Or, better yet, engage a qualified IT team to track use and notify you when unexpected activity occurs. It could be the key to avoiding significant trouble!
Adhering to these tips can save your organization costly and time-consuming headaches, should a security breach occur to sensitive files. The added layer of protection is well worth the minimal time and expense required by these efforts.
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