Software Updates: How Important Are They, Really?
It's always when we're working on deadline or on something important that a little reminder appears in the corner of the screen to distract us with a message that a new software update is available. When that reminder pops up, the majority of us dismiss it quickly, clicking on the “remind me later” option – putting it off until we see it again. But it always seems that, next time, we’re just as busy and preoccupied – and the software never gets updated!
Although we may think these updates aren’t essential, it is usually best to take the time to install them –or modify your settings to allow them to be updated automatically. Updating your software can ensure compatibility with other applications, can improve the features and quality of the product, can sometimes enhance the protection of data on your computer, and can provide a better overall user experience, as well. But before you click that “update” button – keep these tips in mind!
Back-Up Files and Applications
Any trouble with the software update is easily mitigated if your files and applications are backed up prior to making any changes. To ensure your important files are safe and you can get back to your computer’s prior state, perform a comprehensive backup before updating your software.
Plan Your Update
If you plan on updating multiple computers, do them in succession, rather than all at once. This will ensure you don’t run into a roadblock that leaves several computers down while you resolve it, and it puts a known system at your disposal in case there are any new features that will slow you down once the update is performed.
When you notice an update is available, do some research to identify what the update provides. Is it added security, new features, or bug fixes? Most updates will provide a disclosure regarding the changes that will be made, and the performance you may expect as a result.
If you are unsure about any of the above, or how best to proceed, we can guide you through the pros and cons (if any) of updating the various programs on your computer. Or if you would like us to manage this for you, we provide services to handle all updates, along with many other computer issues you might face – usually before you even know the issue exists! Give us a call to learn more.