When and Why Do I Need a Firewall?
Firewalls aren’t necessarily the first thing you think about when setting up your work computers, but they should be! A firewall is a barrier or shield that protects your computers, systems and mobile devices from malware dangers on the Internet. There are various reasons why you need to have a firewall in place, and should regularly monitor how your firewall is protecting the data on your computer systems.
Security for Your Databases
A firewall is one of the most important tools to keep your back-end databases safe and secure. Without a firewall, you are accepting every incoming connection into your network, regardless of the source. The firewall will identify and block threats designed to access and compromise data held on your systems.
Protection from Malicious Attacks
An advantage of the use of firewalls is their ability to thwart malicious network requests. In so doing, a firewall prevents unwanted outside computers from disrupting or corrupting systems inside your network. Just be sure to keep your firewall updated with the latest antivirus definition files to ensure the firewall is working at its full capacity.
Safety for Mobile Workers
With more employees working from home, company data and systems are at increased risk of compromise. The right firewall can help to seamlessly secure connections between authorized external users and internal networks. Be sure to incorporate a firewall that is tailored to your work environment, and has the flexibility for the types of remote access you require.
If you are unsure of how to properly secure your data, systems and remote access with a firewall, call MCC Technology for a consultation that can save your business from a costly and painful intrusion!