Creating an Effective Remote Work Culture
Having your team set up in a remote work culture can be challenging, especially if your employees are unaccustomed to it. And besides the culture shift, there are technology challenges to overcome, as well. From Wi-Fi setup, to ensuring work stations are updated, to the use of meeting interfaces – there are a multitude of IT hurdles to overcome. Below are some tips for keeping the workflow as efficient as possible!
Choose Appropriate Technology
When working from home, it’s ideal to set up a flexible computer work station that allows for easy set up or movement if you should need to change your location. Wi-Fi problems, other family members working from home and unexpected outdoor noise are some of the factors that can require a move on short notice. A laptop computer is best, but portable storage might allow you to take necessary files to a different computer, as well.
Set Up Reliable Wi-Fi and Communications
Work with your company’s IT manager to ensure your Wi-Fi has the appropriate bandwidth. A good Internet connection is essential when working from home, especially for video conferencing with customers or team members. Be sure related firmware and software is updated, so you don’t experience downtime in the middle of calls or projects. And if your neighborhood is prone to power outages, be sure to put a battery backup system in place!
Create a Functional Space
When working remotely, it's important to find a comfortable space that reflects the environment in which you will be most productive. Setting up your best home environment that allows you to stay focused and on task will maximize your efficiency, saving time for when those distractions come around and pull you away from work. Have a file saving and backup system in place, so that if you get distracted, work is saved – even if you should forget to do it manually.
Working from home can be rewarding and can help with work-life balance issues – but only if technology doesn't cause more stress than it alleviates. If you need any assistance in your work-from-home IT set-up, call MCC Technology!